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The Core Offering

​Receive through gentle heart centered physical, spiritual, and emotional neutral presence at multiple energy centers of the body while maintaining consistent and grounded eye contact & notice what blockages and unprocessed sensations may be ready to bubble up and be liberated; allowing for whole person healing to happen. 

It isn’t necessary to verbally share your experience, nor re-live traumas.

Find relaxation, breath, and trust in your body and the process; open to receive heartfelt presence and the body will do the letting go it needs to, finding peace in homeostasis.

Consent will be requested throughout and you are expected and encouraged to claim your Nos and your Yeses. If you need support in tuning into your needs, desires, and boundaries let's discuss options for supporting you to identify them. 

Let us free up energy in this temple of a body to enable fuller living. 

This practice can enhance joy, creativity, and passion as well as improve the connection with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Flower in Hand


Let's chat and see if my offerings may meet your needs!

Image by Milan Popovic


Hosted by Sandra Rose, Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® (the AH Practice®) Certified Practitioner.

The info session will provide a readily accessible introduction to and demonstration of the AH Practice, our unique stories and our related work.

Through this tool, we are able to liberate blocked energy centers, access vital life force, and awaken our creative juices!

Come experience our energy and facilitation style and see if this practice may be a fit for where you are on your personal growth journey.

Learn about our upcoming workshop and about the private AH sessions we offer. 

To schedule, email 

For more info and to connect, email:

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