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To be received in this way is heavenly

These one-on-one sessions are an opportunity for you to experience receiving without needing to take care of anyone else. You will get in touch with not only your needs, wants, limits and desires, but it also has the potential to solidify your worthiness to receive, the prerequisite for attacting abundance! 

Your ever evolving needs, boundaries, and desires will be honored through careful attunement.

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Experience the felt sense of:
·       Liberation
·       Worthiness
·       Life force
·       Sovereignty


Prior to beginning we will discuss your boundaries, needs, desires, and any concerns. Your boundaries and consent will be honored and your dignity respected. This is a judgement free space.

You (and I) will be fully clothed. 

I will present an embodiment practice and stretching to help shift you out of the mental thinking mode and into your instinctual body.

I will ground you in the steadiness of my gaze, clarity in my voice, and confidence of my facilitation.

I will open sacred space. 

We will hold eye contact during the session in order to reduce the likelihood of disassociation. It may facilitate a calm trance-like state. 

You may begin to notice sensations, communication from the body, your awareness expanding.

Based on your boundaries I will either place my hands on your body, or hovering above at any distance away which your body finds it can maintain a state of calm and relaxation in. Virtual sessions are available & effective too.

I will hold space for whatever arises and I'll guide you to follow the nudges of intuition that present themselves including making sounds, movements, gestures, adjustments, saying words, etc. that hint at an urge to be honored and explored.

My hand placement typically includes above the throat, heart center, solar plexis (stomach), sacral (the organs of generation), and/or root (pelvic bowl). This creates an opportunity to intentionally be with what is present in each location. Requests for presence at certain locations instead of others are encouraged. So will a request to stop at any point.

When feeling safe and resourced, opening to the process creates the environment to encourage your body to present exactly what most needs to come to the surface to be witnessed and healed.

Some sessions are subtle and eye opening. Others are liberating and cathartic. There is no right or wrong, it simply is. 

3 sessions are recommended for optimal benefit

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing: Services


Orange Flower

Working with Sandra was profoundly transformational for me. She is a very talented space holder and a professional practitioner. I highly recommend experiencing her sacred sexuality work.

Nina Landau

Purple Flower

Sandra is a talented healer.  During my first session with her, I went deep into generational trauma that I did not know was ready to be worked on.  She created a warm, safe space for me to do my vulnerable work.  She held me there in strength and I am deeply grateful.

Sarah Reid

Image by NordWood Themes

My sessions with Sandra were incredibly powerful, deep and nourishing. I felt so held, seen and witnessed by Sandra's presence. I felt really touched at how Sandra welcomed me exactly how I was with no agenda or goals. I really got the sense that she was there with me and my natural unfoldment. I also felt so much ease and trust that I was able to surrender to my process. Everything from the atmosphere, to the space, music, etc. felt so beautiful and sacred. I am beyond grateful for my sessions with Sandra and highly recommend her.


Image by Alex Lvrs

Sandra has such a kind loving heart and softness about her that erases fear of the unknown and suggests the highest level of trust throughout the experience. She was good at explaining the sequence of events for the session, stating that every experience is completely unique to the recipient. Her overall tender approach made the experience highly impactful for me. Very skilled practitioner.

Marylu Duell

Image by Jordan Heath

Sandra has a calming, confident disposition; what you want in an AH® Practitioner. She held my gaze and gently guided me through a breathing and expressive verbal process while keeping me feeling safe - I would highly recommend her especially to beginners who may be nervous or unsure. She will definitely put them at ease. The comfort I felt enabled me to open to receive and release blocks within my body and voice. It was an impactful experience - one that I will never forget.

Denise Costello, Holistic Nurse

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing: Testimonials
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Virtual Session

40 minute session via Zoom. This is a great way to experience a mini-session in the comfort of your own home. This creates greater safety and capacity for relaxation of the nervous system for some people.

Availability Mon - Thurs 10AM, 11AM or 8PM EST

Ask About Weekend Session Availability


In-Person Session

1.5 hour session in Metrowest Boston Area

No-Touch or Touch depending on your preference (both fully clothed) 

A typical session is 20 minutes conversation and embodiment prior to, 20-40 minutes of a clothed session, and then about 20 minutes to adjust to being back in one's present physical time & space.  ​

Current Availability Monday - Thursday at 10AM or 7pm,

Ask About Weekend Session Availability

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing: Price List


(May be Retroactively Applied After Virtual Session Only)


1 Virtual, Followed by 2 In-Person

(Savings of $30)

RUBY: $747

3 In-Person Sessions

(Savings of $60)


1 Virtual, Followed by 3 In-Person

(Savings of $100)

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing: Price List
Behind Red Curtains

Nichiren Daishonin

"Earthly desires are enlightenment."

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing: Quote
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