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·       Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® Practitioner, providing one-on-one sessions

·       Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator®, leading women’s day-long workshops

·       JourneyDance™ Facilitator, leading 2 hour therapeutic movement workshops

·       Home Birth Doula, providing educational, physical, and spiritual support before, during, and after birth


I’m a mother of 3, diagnosed with vulvodynia (chronic nerve pain) in my late teens. 

I’m a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied, kinky queer woman, in a hetero cross-cultural & cross-racial marriage.

I’m deeply committed to the path of personal growth referred to as human revolution in my Buddhist faith.

JourneyDance™ gave me access to my inner witness, my liberated authentic expression, connection and self-compassion.

The AH Practice® gave me access to my voice, my inner strength & raw power. I identified and claimed my Nos and eventually my Yeses. I practiced defining and holding boundaries. 

I now understand on a visceral level my worthiness to receive presence. I learned of the abundance and connection always at my fingertips.

It brings me great joy to create the space for you to be acutely held, radically accepted, and seen in the fullness of your humanity. 

It is sacred work and a great responsibility.

My experience in this lifetime matters.

And so does yours. 

Embodiment photo shoot by Miranda Ryan @mirandaryan_.

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