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Be seen, held, heard, witnessed, & lovingly supported in your unique childbearing and childbirth experience including difficulty in conceiving, miscarriage, childbirth, menstural experiences, surgeries, and the like.

It doesn't matter how much time has passed since your experience.

If the body has not had the safe opportunity to fully process the experience, emotions may become lodged within the body's memory leading to physical and emotional ailments.

Image by Kat Love


Your experience is worthy of receiving presence around, acknowledgement of, and full processing through with loving support.

With gentle presence and awareness we create a space for your experience to be lovingly held to allow healing from within.

Trauma (experiences misaligned with our Knowing) in all forms of childbirth is the norm in our culture, be it emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic or social.

In a session we create a sacred judment-free space for your body to access the sensations that it has stored away and yearns to receive witness to as a means to finally return to homeostasis.

Image by Lina Trochez


by Ashley

When she held my belly all the emotions of my emergency c-section arose. I was reminded of the actual location where I felt my placenta tear (I knew the location and the docs didn't) and while I don't have pain there daily, the emotional scaring arose during the session. My AP guide held me and allowed me to release ALL of these emotions - the fear, the pain, the sadness, and within moments I was crying tears of joy with a big smile. She held a tremendous space for me to conjure up these feelings that have for 36 months not been addressed.

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