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Judgement-Free Empowerment

Two Girls Dancing


Receive gentle yet empowering guidance through embodiment & movement practices while fostering radical self-acceptance & connection. With loving support, shed what no longer serves us.

This is a  guided dance 2 hour mini-workshop led with the intention of guiding you into your own body, gaining awareness of how your body wants to move, heading toward freestyle improvisation, honing in on its inherent wisdom and enhancing a sense of aliveness, empowerment, and self-love. We embrace the connection of physical and emotional transformation. We dance to eclectic world music designed with an emotional awareness and curvature to the flow. Our barefoot meditative movement is without mirrors to let go of judgement of ourselves and others, listening inward instead of evaluating outwardly. 

To schedule a private (group or solo) JourneyDance contact me!  

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