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Be seen, held, heard, witnessed, & lovingly supported in your child-bearing experience.

Connect in with yourself & the baby you're carrying.

Image by René Porter


Childbearing is an intitiation.

Within it carries the imprint of the women who came before us and their stories. 

Within it are the multitude of limiting beleifs and conditioning society places on mothers. 

Within it is the potential for re-writiing the story of our life and the lives of future generations. 

It is a time full of complex emotions, sensations, and questions. 

After grounding and intention setting, receive presence for that which is ready to bubble up and be liberated.

Unlock more ease, relaxation, empowerment, self-compassion and confidence in yourself and trust in the process.

Awaken greater access to your power and your voice.

Expand in awareness of your choices.

Allow yourself gentleness. 

Ease into the responsibility of creating life.

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