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Anxiety, fear, numbness, sadness; WHATEVER sensation is alive in you is welcome here.

Pregnant Belly


Childbearing is an intitiation.

Within it carries the imprint of the women who came before us and their stories. 

Within it are the multitude of limiting beliefs and conditioning placed on women and mothers. 

Within it is the potential for re-writiing the story of our life and the lives of future generations. 

It is a time full of complex emotions, sensations, and questions. 

After grounding and intention setting, receive presence for that which is ready to be released.

Access clarity and move into this next chapter with confidence.

Awaken your power and your voice.

Pre-Baby: Services
Mother Daughter Portrait


In a patriarchal society that demands women sacrifice and deplete themselves in order to mother a child there is buried rage.

While dysfunctional coping mechanisms have been used for generations, there finally exists a safe space to move it up and out.

Pre-Baby: About


Orange Flower

Working with Sandra was profoundly transformational for me. She is a very talented space holder and a professional practitioner. I highly recommend experiencing her sacred sexuality work.

Nina Landau

Purple Flower

Sandra is a talented healer.  During my first session with her, I went deep into generational trauma that I did not know was ready to be worked on.  She created a warm, safe space for me to do my vulnerable work.  She held me there in strength and I am deeply grateful.

Sarah Reid

Image by NordWood Themes

My sessions with Sandra were incredibly powerful, deep and nourishing. I felt so held, seen and witnessed by Sandra's presence. I felt really touched at how Sandra welcomed me exactly how I was with no agenda or goals. I really got the sense that she was there with me and my natural unfoldment. I also felt so much ease and trust that I was able to surrender to my process. Everything from the atmosphere, to the space, music, etc. felt so beautiful and sacred. I am beyond grateful for my sessions with Sandra and highly recommend her.


Image by Alex Lvrs

Sandra has such a kind loving heart and softness about her that erases fear of the unknown and suggests the highest level of trust throughout the experience. She was good at explaining the sequence of events for the session, stating that every experience is completely unique to the recipient. Her overall tender approach made the experience highly impactful for me. Very skilled practitioner.

Marylu Duell

Image by Jordan Heath

Sandra has a calming, confident disposition; what you want in an AH® Practitioner. She held my gaze and gently guided me through a breathing and expressive verbal process while keeping me feeling safe - I would highly recommend her especially to beginners who may be nervous or unsure. She will definitely put them at ease. The comfort I felt enabled me to open to receive and release blocks within my body and voice. It was an impactful experience - one that I will never forget.

Denise Costello, Holistic Nurse

Pre-Baby: Testimonials
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